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20 (1/2019): Was uns angeht

Goldabbau in Südafrika

«Der Geigenbau» (detail), plate XXII from Denis Diderot's «Enzyklopädie», 1762–1777
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An Email-Interview on Correspondence, Resonance and Obsession, and on the Benefit of Combining Scholarship and Craftsmanship

For some time, ecological questions have become important in anthropology, as Tim Ingold’s writings show. His ideas on the potential of organic and anorganic materials, their compositions and decompositions, also arouses the interest of media studies – maybe because it questions the exclusiveness of human agency. Making, in Ingold’s conception, is a process in which different materials unfold their potentials. For a mediaecological perspective, materials grasped in this way offer the chance to understand technical media not as passive, invariable tools used for a purpose, but as instable and active assemblages of matter with their own potentials of activity. In our interview, Ingold elaborates upon his position in an ecological anthropology that values the becoming of things and is interested in the circulation of materials and their amalgamation. Furthermore, he argues for a reconciliation of scholarship and craftsmanship – in other words, for a praxeology of thinking and making.

An Interview with Tim Ingold
By Petra Löffler and Florian Sprenger

14 (1/2016): Medienökologien

Meth in Missouri

Jason Pine im Gespräch mit Daniel Eschkötter

14 (1/2016): Medienökologien

Ein E-Mail-Interview über Korrespondenz, Resonanz und Besessenheit sowie über den Nutzen, Gelehrsamkeit und Handwerk zu verbinden

04 (1/2011): Menschen & Andere

Zoologie, Kinematografie und Gender